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Friday, April 7, 2017

New Boss Same As The Old

I have been "Reblogging" Internet chatter issues lately instead of composing my own original material but find myself increasingly upset with BOTH "sides" of these "issues" and so I am distracted, side tracked you may say, into less "controversial" subjects like the Sky. People intensely occupied with "change" in this World System are barely tolerant of such benign "non-issues" as the Sky, kittens, and other nonsense because we ALL need a break from the fray. It keeps us Balanced. Even soldiers in the trenches of World Wars were rotated regularly and frequently as were their Tours of Duty limited to a year or two. It is not uncommon for veterans of war to return home to the Family and Community they were fighting for and defending abroad, only to find themselves exquisitely uncomfortable with the relative peace there. They feel dissociated from the daily routine and discipline of military lifestyles which they have become accustomed. So, they Reenlist. 

Even ex-prisoners, acclimated to the habitat of prisons, will focus upon nothing but Release Dates and finally, after being totally beaten down by the System and sub-systems of totalitarian bludgeons of endless rules and demands, settle into a low-key position to avoid conflict and trouble that tend to push off that Date further. Or, alternately, if no Release Date is foreseeable, they give in and give up by essentially blending in and doing or saying only things that will also avoid conflict and trouble. This System is called "Corrections" and even "Rehabilitation." Those finally Released are thrilled, of course, especially if they were relatively innocent. Still, the recidivist rate of re-offending is a high percentage. Of those who manage to survive and stay out of trouble, it is a daily struggle with themselves and the bludgeons of the larger World Systems we all live in.

Even fewer escape the World Systems of Meta-Cognition offered; thinking about our thinking. The layers of Belief Systems in Philosophy, Higher Education, Religion, Psychology, Politics, Commerce, Corporations, and other indoctrinating beliefs, behaviors, and even substances or other dissociating Entertainment and Materialistic pursuits and Cultures offered on the Internet and elsewhere draw most into their influence. We are ALL peer pressured into the Propaganda and Bludgeons that seek to control our last refuge: Our Minds.

This World is indeed our only collective Nursery, School, Career, Hospital, Prison and Grave. No one here gets out alive. ALL humans that have ever existed have died without a single exception or case of immortality. No one has returned by successfully escaping the non-existence and non-conscious  inactivity of Death to relate what they have experienced. Even those said to have been brought back to life have no tangible or credible "objective" empirical evidence to offer other than their claim that they had indeed been really dead. It is generally accepted in Science that Life and Death of living souls is in layers difficult to see. 

"The Wizard of Oz" Coroner in Munchkin Land had to certify officially and publicly that the Wicked Witch of the East was not only merely dead, having been pulverized unexpectedly by Dorothy's Uncle's and Aunt's farmhouse, but undeniably, scientifically, completely and sincerely dead. With witches and vampires and the like one cannot be too sure. The ambiguity about Death is from the ideas about the exact nature of the Soul and the quality of Human Life in particular. In Nature, there are examples of things considered lifeless and even conditions considered incapable of reproducing or supporting life. Science can be repeatedly wrong.

Time is the fire in which we burn, however, and we do need some concision in establishing Facts and in the discovery of Evidence. With access to so much more Information now, sincere people are obliged to filter out vast amounts of it in favor of Concision. "The Wizard of Oz" is only a Source Document of people's general viewpoints and even Scientific Hypothesis and Theory is a temporal assertion of truth and fact that must continually be updated. Indeed, ALL Meta Cognition Systems dedicated to thinking about how we think in the pursuit of truth must be considered in the context of their Sources. How reliable is the Source?

Having Free Will in our Minds as the last resort of Reasonableness, many have reasonably utilized Occam's Razor; that having taken all into consideration the simplest explanation is likely the best, to cut off the Gordian Knot, allegedly attributed to Alexander the Great's military genius of severing the hopelessly tied Gordian Knot with his sword rather than engage in the endless and futile task of trying to untie it. Google anything and observe the Boolean Knot of thousands, millions and billions of "responses" to the search engine's inquiry. Sending a machine to do a man's job results in an infinite amount of research work to do.

Some 99% of the "readers" of this Web Log are machines and the optimistic estimate of 1% of the English reading people will rarely, if ever, read this far. The only Feedback received in over five years was an automated machine message about the Copyright of some video content which I removed. I speak into the air like "Horton Hears a Who." Just another manic street preacher. My Free Speech is democratically and largely ignored until something detects a violation or I attract attention in some other unsolicited way. I do know the Content, once Published, cannot be Deleted entirely from the Servers that tediously collect it.

There is a time and place to speak just as there is to shut up. An idea, whose time has come, does not rely upon a democratic consensus nor a scientific validation to exist and words alone are not the only means of Communicating that idea. In fact, the more popular trends and the loudest displays of high sounding Principles often prove to be just the opposite:  Merely Propaganda and empty speeches. On the other hand, being marginalized and obscure does not in itself merit attention either. Organization in itself is not bad, but it is the Purpose around which something is organized that determines it's evaluation. And the fruits or results of those adhering to and exemplifying the leadership of that Idea prove to be evidence of it's Motivations.

We are deeply flawed as Humans and we are ALL running out of time as a Species. We change things by merely observing them. Our Perceptions, though, represent the ONLY terrestrial species that reasons, thinks, and communicates about the meaning of Life, Death, and everything in between. Still, most adults are overcome by the sheer volume of concerns and preoccupied with activities of daily living until they literally drop dead. We cannot escape the fact that we ALL depend upon each other, connecting with other people, to survive and perhaps thrive. Or not. This singularity cannot be rationalized or denied away. I need you.

Once, while we were overwhelmed by the needs and demands of our Residents calling out for help in a local nursing home several years ago, I had to laugh at a woman working there as an Assistant who made the off hand comment, "What about MY NEEDS?!" Her rhetorical question reflected the quiet desperation we ALL want to express. Given the magnitude of human needs and the Triage of care we must form in response to our own limited resources individually and collectively to meet those needs responsibly, we find our godship and dominion of the Earth seriously challenged and our competence and care legitimately in question. Each time the elevator door opened and closed onto the main floor of that nursing home, I observed that this job was like working on the Titanic as it was sinking into the North Atlantic in April 1912. An utterly futile job.

The idea that God does not exist because He apparently does not care about these bad things continuously causing suffering, misery and death occurred to me many times. Universally, no one here gets out alive and no one has ever seen God. If He exists as the all-seeing, all-knowing God of Love itself, and is Almighty in Power, Wisdom, Mercy and Justice in limitless resources and abilities, Why this World, this Life, as it is? Why is every "new boss" as bad or worse than the "old boss?' The ONLY Purpose of God or Government is to care for the real needs of people over which they have dominion or Sovereignty. Beyond that, they only serve their own selfish "need" to dominate people. Whom are REALLY in charge on this planet, anyway? The only real interest of the world rulers I can see, or cannot see, is to stay in power, control and punish us. 

The Functionaries of this World System, regardless of their specific supporting role whether seen or unseen, I refer to as Cosmocrats from the Greek meaning World Rulers. Cosmocracy is the ONLY Government not explicitly and deliberately and openly tried and accepted. It stems from the idea of United Nations and the Perception that the ONLY truly effective, evolved and enlightened form of Government is a Benevolent Dictatorship; an humanly impossible achievement. Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. It is inconceivable, under this Paradigm, to openly submit Universal Sovereignty of this planet to Unknowns. Still, is the planet not always subject to de facto forces of nature and intelligence largely unseen and unknown? These are not conspiracy theories or superstitions. I neither know nor see anyone reading this.