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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Peace and Security!

What the United Nations (UN) has set out to provide for the world after the horrors of World Wars. Yes? The UN is unique in all of history in being a global coalition government. Not even the US and UK have provided that. In all of history, every kind of government has been tried except a global one.

Still, what is the blueprint for such a grandiose kind of government? Is it not the very same kinds of government that have already tried and failed to provide peace and security? No one man seems to be able to get into office and change the SYSTEM. Yes, it is the System which defeats such a result all because someone benefits from the way things are.

Already, the UN has the reputation of being a great debate society as deadlocked in its own System as any other government. It is not checks and balances. It is deadlocked by inertia, seeming to be frozen in place, as still as the building on the East River or an idol or icon; a statue of a sort. Can "life" be breathed into such a thing so that it can move effectively in this global environment?