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Monday, April 24, 2017

13-73438 George Gage v. Kevin Chappell: The California Justice System Failed Mr. Gage

This Mr. Gage would be 79 or 80 years old now IF he is still alive sitting in prison because of a "pathological liar" according to her own mother. That fact was not disclosed. The judge in the retrial ended up sentencing Mr. Gage to 70 years and the Prosecutor went on to receive a promotion within days as a California Judge.

The Prosecutors argue procedures in their own defense even though the incapacitated prisoner Mr. Gage was represented pro se by a fellow prisoner. He had no representation except himself and a Law Student also in prison. Mister Gage made the proper motions and they were ignored by the Courts.

What "due diligence" did Mr. Gage not display? IF Mr. Gage is dead they can hold a cadaverous retrial with the dead body of Mr. Gage sitting there in Court finally being set free after how many years in prison? There were more than one Trial and Retrial. Maybe this one will finally be just.