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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

'We are MEN. Not victims. Remember that.'

'We are MEN. Not victims. Remember that. This beautiful, messed up world needs every one of us here to do our job. As boyfriends, husbands, fathers, brothers, laborers, managers, artistes and entrepreneurs. I repeat: WE ARE MEN !!! Let's act that way and reclaim our power, but do it responsibly, calmly and with heart. No matter how low and defeated you may feel right now, please be assured that as long as you follow your heart and stand up to yourself, you will be able to look into the mirror and appreciate the Man you see looking back at you. It may take time. It WILL take hard work. Mostly on yourself. But if you can read this you have a good chance for not just complete recovery and survival, but truly holistic health, prosperity and the the concurrent sense of joi de vivre (joy in life).'

'I will not give advice that I have not followed dozens of times myself. Yes, it hurts. Sometimes the pain is the only thing that reminds us that we are alive. You have not lost your soul, only lost touch with it. The kids will figure out who the MAN is and forgive you. The money, you can always make more.'

'There are literally millions of sweet stable ladies who are begging for the attention of a real MAN. And once you have regained your sense of self and taken back some of your personal power, you can be a real MAN and forgive the poor little crazy girl and finally LET HER GO and make space in your life for some, something, someone, better. As you heal and improve yourself with a good diet, vigorous exercise, adequate sleep, company of good old friends, vocation and recreation, you will find that the toxic and/or
unnecessary people in your life will remove themselves with very little intervention or effort.'

'Be patient. With your self. And with others. You will learn that True Love, as exhibited by a MAN, is not a bunch of mushy emotions, but an attitude that directs the way we act toward others. With compassion, forgiveness, fairness, consistancy, and yes sometimes firmness and a distinct delineation of our boundaries. A real MAN's true love will always be reciprocated with devotion, connection, and when appropriate, obedience (compliance). And mostly, a pervading sense that, as long as we are doing what we are supposed to do, the Universe will always meet our needs.'

Next chapter: Taking responsibility for making them crazy. Name withheld for obvious reasons, but you know where to find me.To: