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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Epitaph For a Marriage: 2004 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • [Quoting Alexander Pope] "How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
    The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
    Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned."
  • [Quoting Friedrich Nietzsche] "Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders."
  • [ Dysrhythmic interlude] When it is said, "Until Death and Forever, I do," it seals an unbreakable bond like Krazy Glue; They say birds mate for life and when a bird is your wife you intend more than 26 years, not like the bond of tears to his face in the sunshine of a spotless mind dry, like dead leaves skittering across the grave of love that is forgetting what the world forgot: These can live again! Why must they die to know life forever? Why must love die once for all time, these tears to dry upon hot mouldering soil refusing to return its yield and spring forth anew? "Because," she tweets, "shouldering the load of you, it has broken my wing. Better to lose one than all." And so I retreat below and beneath, because, my prayer for life isn't accepted and this wish for love resigned, forever under eternal sunshine of a spotless mind; forgetful. It was my proud blunder to imagine myself someone whom died and was named one "Mr. Wonderful." Forgive me this, too.